Job Specification

It’s refer to a written statement of educational qualification, years of experience, KSAs, physical and personal characteristics and technical and communication skills, in order to perform job responsibilities and other sensory demands.

A job specification culminates from the job description, in the sense it depicts the qualifications, skill set, abilities, personality traits, and special requirements needed for a particular job.

There are several advantage of a job specification :-

  • Helps in finding the right candidate for the job.
  • Helps in enticing a candidate to consider a given job offer.
  • Helps in setting up core competencies of the organisation.
  • Helps in identifying the duties and competencies of the job profile.
  • Helps in directing the right candidate to the right profile by matching their qualifications and requirements as specified in the job description.

Therefore, it is important for job description and job specification to be clear, brief and comprehensible to avoid any conflicts.


***KSAs = Knowledge , Skills,  Abilities


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