Job Description

It’s explain, why a job exists, the duties of the job holder, how does the job holder perform and in what condition. The use of job description primarily determine the format and style of the job.

Purpose of job description :

Job descriptions includes the detailed information on various aspects such as job titles, job duties, job summary, role and responsibilities, salary, benefits etc.

Job description has different application for different element in an organisation.

For HR Department –

  • Helps in matching the qualification and skills of the candidate with the job.
  • Helps in identify training needs , accumulating the resources for training and thereafter selecting the appropriate method of training as per the job.
  • Helps in establishing performance standards in terms of quality, quantity, time and cost.
  •  Helps in developing plans for future needs.
  • Helps in deciding the wages, salaries, and fringe benefits.
  • Helps in ensuring the equal pay and equal opportunities for everyone in the organisation.

For Employees –

  • Helps in assessing their career move in the organisation.
  • Helps in establishing their development goals.
  • Helps in understanding their role, duty and responsibilities of  job in the organisation.
  • Helps in matching their qualification with the ones set for a particular job.
  •  Helps in understanding the flow in the organisation.

For Manager/ Supervisor –

  • Helps in controlling the functioning of the organisation.
  • Helps in formulating performance plans.
  • Helps in hiring the most suitable candidates.
  • Helps in comparing the task performed by the employee with the job assigned.
  • Helps in clearly defining the work assignment of the job.

A job description should be written carefully in order to provide complete job details.

Some of the important things that should be kept in mind while writing the job description :

  • Educational & professional qualifications
  • Job location
  • Key responsibilities areas
  • Job titles and responsibilities
  • Hiring department
  • Reporting authority
  • Work environment

The job description must include the nature and scope of a job together with defining the responsibilities of a particular job and the degree of supervision. It should be specific, realistic, and concise.


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